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Founded in 2015, Miko is an advanced consumer robotics innovation lab passionate about bringing the best of technology to young learners everywhere. Home to the world’s leading educators, engineers, psychologists and content developers, Miko takes learning to a whole new level through state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, robotics and IoT. Our company has a global mindset with 170+ employees, and offices in the innovation hubs of Silicon Valley and Mumbai.

Keeping pace with the technological advancements, after Miko and Miko 2, we have launched our new flagship robot, Miko 3. It is an Emotionally Intelligent Robot that uses playful, conversational learning to educate, engage and entertain kids. It has an adaptive personality, dozens of emotions, and millions of topics and themes to learn from.

With the launch of its new premium partnerships, Miko is bringing the world’s best children’s content onto a single platform. The new premium content partners include Lingokids, Da Vinci Kids, Cosmic Kids, KidloLand, Tiny Tusks, Oxford University Press and Out of this Word. Together, these partnerships bring more than 50,000 hours of new content experiences, 1,000+ experience types — games, puzzles, TV shows, coding lessons, yoga and more — and covers a range of STEAM topics.

After captivating countless children across Asia, the best-selling Miko 3 robot arrives in the USA just in time for the 2021 holiday season.

Through every milestone, Miko is still driven by the same core vision: to cultivate a love for learning in children everywhere through artificial intelligence and human ingenuity.

Miko 3

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