iHeart Music: How to make the most of it!

iHeart Music: How to make the most of it!

iHeart, a beloved platform for children’s music, playlists and unlimited family fun is here!

An abundance of age-appropriate music carefully curated for children, iHeart allows safe exploration and much-needed variety.

Music exposure at an early age allows children to regulate their emotions through music. It also has links to higher intelligence and early language development! Did you know that learning foreign languages becomes easier for children with varied music vocabulary? Singing and moving with music develops music intelligence, the ability to count and keep time, according to this study at Hartt school. We’ve all learned rhymes and songs before we learned how to have complex conversations!

With iHeart, children can safely discover new favorites, return to their favorite playlists and jam to tunes on the family radio with you! Music is an underrated means to create a calmer environment, enter meditative states and find your rhythm - literally!

How to make the most of iHeart?
Whether you are using Miko 3 or Miko Mini, say any of these things to start listening!
“Hey Miko, play iHeart.”
“Hey Miko, play a song,” 
“Hey Miko, play music”


How to navigate within iHeart?

Curated playlists across various genres for every occasion.

While listening to a song, you can say, “Hey Miko, pause!” if you want to pause a song.
To resume, say, “Hey Miko, play again.”

You can skip to the next song in playlists by saying, ‘Hey Miko, play next.”
(You can skip only up to 6 times per hour per playlist and 15 skips daily.)

Our top picks from iHeart!
  1. “Hey Miko, play Disney hits!”
  2. “Hey, Miko, play Christmas lullabies.”
  3. “Hey Miko, Play Kids Christmas Party”
  4. “Hey Miko, play Kidz Bop!”
  5. “Hey Miko, play Bedtime slowdown.”
  6. “Hey Miko, play Sing-alongs.”
With iHeart, you get exclusive access to music on Miko, your robo buddy!
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