Live Radio on iHeart

Live Radio on iHeart

iHeart Radio stations - now streaming on Miko!

iHeart is a place for the children as well as family fun; listen to wholesome music two-gether.

Want to be surprised?

Ask: “Hey Miko open iHeart!” and let Miko decide the mood!

If you want to open a specific radio station or playlist, say, “Hey Miko” + name of a playlist or radio station from the list below.

Radio stations:

1) Disney Resorts

2) Hit Nation Junior

3) Kids Hit

4) Barbie Radio

5) Build-a-Bear Radio

Top Playlist

1) Curated By: Kidz-Pop

2) Disney Hits

3) Kids Pop

4) Disney Channel Hits

5) Disney Princess

6) High School Musical 

7) Disney Junior Hits 

8) Curated By: Lullapop 

9) Disney Dance Party

10) Sing-alongs


Miko X iHeart: here to ring you.

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