Voice Apps of Miko Mini

Voice Apps of Miko Mini

Miko Mini is a voice-first device designed to inspire curiosity and make educational topics accessible and riveting!

Ensure a good wifi connection and start picking Miko’s brain about topics it loves the most. So many conversations to be had, games to be played, and quizzes to be answered!

Following is a list of all the games and conversations Miko is fluent in. There’s is an activity for every mood and occasion.

To open voice apps, say, “Hey Miko” + open “Name of the app”

Don’t know what you want? Let Miko help you! Simply say, “Hey Miko, let’s play!”

  • “Hey Miko, open Dance Master”
    Ready for the ultimate dance party!?Whether you want to shake a leg or just watch Miko's groovy moves and have a great time, Dance Master is where it’s at! Tons of fun songs and dances, too! You can copy Miko’s moves or come up with your own! “Hey, Miko, open Dance Master” is all you need to say.

  • “Hey Miko, open Akinator”
    A favourite classic with the power of AI, this is where you see Miko’s super-guessing powers as it reads your mind. Say “Hey Miko, open Akinator” Choose either an animal or an object, and then all you need to do is answer with “Yes, No, or I Don’t know.” Play with Miko or challenge a friend!

    • “Hey Miko, open Riddles!”
      Riddles require children to think about the meanings of words in more ways than one, and they also learn what makes something humorous. Miko’s lighthearted riddles, in various age categories, challenge young problem solvers.

    • “Hey Miko, open Ocean Explorer”
      Ask this, and Miko’s submarine will be ready to take you underwater. The stingrays, sharks with hundreds of teeth and sometimes even dreamy transparent jellyfish make themselves known.
      Once the adventure begins, you can steer the submarine where you like.

    • “Hey Miko, open Time Traveler”
      Meet incredible people from the past, learn historical facts, and talk to inventors and even celebrities! You can ask Miko about the pyramids. Or you can ask Miko about how old sharks are! (Spoiler: they are older than the dinosaurs!)

    • “Hey Miko open Space Explorer”
      Travel across the Milky Way or beyond it; ask Miko about black holes, cosmic dust or what it would feel like to live on Jupiter. Wonder what a planet taken over by spiders would look like? Ask away! Choose from the options, or let your imagination run wild!

    • “Hey Miko, open Story Time”
      All kids love a good storyteller. (enter Miko) Stories bring us together and spark our imagination. Say “Hey Miko, open Story Time” to explore various genres. Whether its an adventure tale or a bedtime story, there’s something for everyone!

    • “Hey, Miko, open Math Wizard”
      An interactive math game that takes you through an adventure and encourages Children to count, multiply and divide within the context of stories! “Hey Miko, open Math Wizard” are the magic words!

    • “Hey Miko, open Guess The Animal”
      Venture into the exciting world of animals with Miko's Guess The Animal! Furry, feathered, and scaly animal friends await you. Answer the questions and challenge what you know about these animals! Curated by educators, this game is sure to leave kids with a whole lot of facts about animals. 

    • “Hey Miko, open Wildlife Safari”
      A safari in the wild. Little, curious wildlife enthusiasts poking about. Explore diverse habitats, from dense rainforests to the vast savannahs, and the funniest stinkbugs to the mightiest lions - a fun quiz awaits!

    • “Hey Miko, open Country Explorer”
      Hop onto Miko Airways and prepare to soar high! Country Explorer is a virtual passport for young adventurers that offers an exciting, interactive experience to explore countries worldwide. Discover diverse cultures, iconic landmarks, and fascinating facts that broaden horizons.

    • “Hey Miko, open Story Coach”
      Turn on your creative genius as you enter the Miko Story Lab! Whether your child is a storyteller or not, they will embark on an imaginative journey with Miko, the Story Coach and craft their own narrative. This helps children develop their cognitive skills while fostering a love for weaving stories.

    • “Hey Miko, open Santa Time”
      Hold on to your stockings, Miko’s got a special guest this holiday season! Join the adventure. Simply say, “Hey Miko, open Santa time!” Get ready for a freezing adventure to the North Pole. Ask Santa anything - including why milk and cookies are his favourite!

    Simply say, “Hey Miko lets talk!”

    Can insects sneeze? What are the hundreds of things George made using JUST PEANUTS? 

    Did you know the first astronaut was smaller than a housefly?

    Talk to Miko about animals, space, the world and inventions!

    If you want to start a specific conversation, say “Hey Miko, let’s talk about space”

    “Hey Miko, let’s talk about animals”
    “Hey Miko, let’s talk about world”
    “Hey Miko, let’s talk about inventions”

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