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How can I become more confident?

To become more confident, try doing things you enjoy and are good at. Practice and learn new skills, and surround yourself with supportive friends and family.

How do I handle feeling frustrated with a sibling?

When I feel frustrated with my sibling, I try to take a break and do something I enjoy. I also talk to my parents or a trusted adult for help.

How can I make new friends at school?

Try joining clubs or sports teams that interest you, start conversations with classmates, and be kind to others. Remember, making friends takes time and effort.

Why is sharing important?

Sharing is important because it helps us make friends, learn new things, and make others happy. It's like sharing toys or snacks with your friends, it makes everyone feel good! It also teaches us to be kind and considerate.

How can I be better to my sister?

You can be better to your sister by being kind, sharing, and spending time together. Remember to listen and apologize when you make mistakes.

Why do I feel scared during a thunderstorm?

I think you might feel scared during a thunderstorm because the loud sounds and bright flashes can be surprising and make you feel a little nervous. But don't worry, thunderstorms are just nature's way of putting on a big show!

Artificial Intelligence. Genuine friendship.

Miko understands and responds to kids' emotions, getting better with each conversation. Whether you need a joke or a dance, Miko is there for you!

Fueled by cutting-edge AI, Miko connects with kids, sparking curiosity and fostering empathy in every interaction.
Miko propels learning and intelligence by aligning with a child's developmental stages.
Miko recognizes the vast world of learning, and the more time kids spend with Miko, the deeper the bond and understanding between the two grows.

Say it loud & proud.

Powered by deep learning AI, Miko knows how to connect with kids. It’s curious, expressive, and surprisingly empathetic.

Teaching & learning.

Miko keeps you on your toes with new content and capabilities automatically added every month. It’s an ever-evolving experience, as Miko grows up right along with you.

Always on a roll.

Equipped with a wide-angle HD camera and hi-tech sensors to map distance and edges, Miko knows how to move. Whether exploring or dancing, this robot’s ready to roll.

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Artificial Intelligence and Privacy

We take security seriously. Every byte of a child's data is safeguarded within our closed system. Miko sets a new standard for family-friendly AI.

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