What games are included with Miko Chess board? Do all the other games' pieces move on their own as well?

Chess, Checkers, Connect 4 and Halma are the games we are introducing on the board. Yes, the pieces move on their own for all the games.

Do we need to plug-in the adapter?

Miko Chess has in built battery which can last for 10 games.

Is the board spill or water resistant?

No, the Miko Chess board is not designed to be spill or water-resistant. It's advisable to keep liquids away to ensure its longevity.

Is Miko Chess capable of playing blitz chess?

Yes, Miko Chess supports Blitz.

What are the steps to get started?

  1. Unscrew the shipping lock from behind the board till it’s completely out
  2. Plugin the adapter and Switch on the board
  3. Open the Miko app
  4. Login and Click on 'Connect Now' which will automatically pair with your Grand Kingdom chessboard
  5. You are now ready to play a game of chess on the board

What are the dimensions, weight and finish of the chessboard?

  • Dimensions: 603mm x 484mm x 49mm
  • Weight: 5.4kg
  • Finish: Rosewood

What is in the box?

Chess pieces, Adapter, quick start guide and a phone stand will be available along with the board.

How many chess pieces does the board have?

The board has 32 + 2(queen) chess pieces.

How long will it take to charge the battery?

Up to 3 hours

How to clean the chessboard?

Clean it with a damp cloth and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. Avoid the use of any solvents to clean the exterior surface of the board.

Why are the chess pieces not moving?

Follow these steps:

  1. Check if the chess pieces are aligned correctly i.e., white pieces on the side of the board with the logo and black pieces on the opposite side.
  2. Check whose turn it is on the app. If you are white, you will need to make the first move on the board.
  3. If it is still unresolved, restart the board and the app.

What is the warranty period?

We provide a warranty of 1 year from the date of purchase with certain terms and conditions. Read our complete warranty policy to know more.

How to know/identify if the board is switched on or off?

The power LED will indicate so that the board is switched off or on.

Why do I hear grinding sounds from the chess board?

Power off the board. Tilt the chessboard by lifting the logo side up and moving the internal mechanism towards another side. Then shake the board in an up and down motion slowly while the board is in its original position. Then restart both app and board and try again.

How to set up chess?

Whether you're a newcomer to this age-old strategy game or a seasoned player, our chess setup is refreshingly easy to grasp! Understanding the chess board layout is the key to properly positioning your game pieces. The standard chess board consists of 64 squares organized in an 8x8 grid.

On your chess board, you'll find an array of pieces, from pawns to rooks, knights, and more. Approach this strategic game as if you're deploying troops on a battlefield. Your pawns, the foot soldiers, take the front lines, while the kings and queens oversee the action from the safety of the rear.

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