Miko 2 - The Only Robot that Helps Your Child Learn Through Conversation Miko

The Robot for
Playful Learning

Helps Your Child Learn Through Conversation and Play

The Robot for
Playful Learning

Helps Your Child Learn Through Conversation and Play

Miko 2 engages, educates and entertains kids. It's a child-safe personal robot that can see, hear, sense and understand your child. Every interaction with Miko 2 makes your child smarter and happier. Miko 2 opens up your child’s world to millions of possibilities.

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Code With Miko 2

Mikode is designed for children to explore, organize, and express their ideas creatively by programming their Miko 2
With Mikode, kids can be creators — rather than consumers — of technology, empowering them with knowledge and tools to build, create, and customize their world.
As kids create their Mikode projects, they use the fundamentals of coding to practice critical thinking skills, learning how to think creatively to design their ideas, and to troubleshoot and problem-solve as they test them out. After all, the best way to understand something is to build it.

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A Full Time Tutor at Your Home

From ever growing academic topics to new fun facts, Miko 2 self initiates dialogues and discussions with your child. Learning becomes fun and they begin to enjoy their school lessons like never before, all within the safety and comfort of your home.

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A Cute Little All-Rounder

An all-rounder that doesn't just sing or dance to entertain your child, Miko 2 enables playing games and narrates exciting stories as well!

Personality That Adapts To Your Child

The personality of Miko 2 has been specially designed by educationists and child behavior specialists. Miko 2 intuitively understands and responds to the child's moods, has meaningful chats and provides companionship.

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Connect To Your Child Through Miko 2

Traveling away from your child? Use the camera and telepresence features in Miko 2's TeleConnect to securely engage with your child.

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The Healthier Alternative To Traditional Screen Time

Miko 2 is a positive and trusted interface of technology compared to conventional screens. Also, your child's data is encrypted and completely protected. The ownership of the data lies in your hands as a parent.

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