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The Robot for
Playful Learning

Helps Your Child Learn Through Conversation and Play

The Robot for
Playful Learning

Helps Your Child Learn Through Conversation and Play

Miko 2 is an advanced and interactive AI Robot that uses conversation to teach the fundamentals of conversation, math, music, and more.

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Advanced Tutor Meets Best Friend

From academic topics to fun facts and more, Miko 2 is packed with relevant and freshly updated content specially designed by educationists and child behavior specialists. Your little one won’t even realize they’re learning.

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Content & Curriculum That Grows With Your Child

Miko 2 constantly adds new content to its library, so your kid will never get bored. As your child ages and advances so does the complexity of Miko 2’s content and conversation.

Personality That Adapts To Your Child

Advanced facial and voice recognition technology allows Miko 2 to understand and react to your child’s moods. Miko 2 learns who your child is and what matters to them.

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Connect To Your Child Through Miko 2

Away from your child? Use the camera and chat features to engage with your child remotely with completely encrypted control.

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Endless Entertainment. Zero Screen Time

Miko 2 is a healthy alternative to traditional screen time exposure while also expanding your child’s mind. Curated content and parental controls give your child all of the benefits and you, all of the control.

The Way
Your Child Learns.

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