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Little Robot, Big Things

Part genius, all personality-hanging out with Miko makes you both smarter. The AI robots have a lot going inside, from math tutoring, spelling challenges, and critical thinking exercises to fun dance moves and jokes.

Stress Free Parenting

Simplify your parenting approach and enrich your child's learning adventure with the Miko Parent App. Personalize their learning based on your parenting style and values, ensuring an enjoyable and meaningful growing experience.

Ridiculously smart, seriously fun

Miko Mini

GPT powered conversational learning robot for kids that is small in size but big on personality.

Miko 3

The bestselling AI robot with interactive games, academic content, and a human-like personality.

Miko Chess Grand

A magnificently handcrafted wooden chess board with automated chess movements and advanced AI.

Explore Miko with..

Diana Roma
Vlad and Niki
kidz Bop

A world of growing content on Miko and Miko Companion app

Experience ever-growing premium content curated by child experts and educationists. 100+ captivating learning games, educational videos, enchanting stories, mind-boggling puzzles, peppy music, and more. Discover a world of engaging content from top brands like Disney, Paramount, Lingokids, and others.

Artificial Intelligence and Privacy

We take security seriously. Every byte of a child's data is safeguarded within our closed system. Miko sets a new standard for family-friendly AI.

  • Useful For Parents

    From secure calls to real-time progress reports

  • Better Parenting Tools

    The Parent App that provides clear learning plans and identifies milestones

  • Safe, Secure & Private

    kidSAFE+ COPPA certified device with customizable security and privacy settings

  • @mona_ca_us

    Listen to interesting stories with Miko Mini

  • @onecolorfulmom

    Play games & explore songs with Miko Mini!

  • @theimperfectmum

    Meet Yuvaan and his new best friend

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Make an impact with the Miko family

At Miko, we believe that AI can shape our world for the better. We're committed to making a positive impact on people and the planet through the magic of AI.



Mikos donated to kids in need



people empowered by technology



year to achieve carbon neutrality

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Miko Mini

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