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Miko 3

Miko 3


1000+ Ratings

This robot supercharges kid's potential with its advanced brain, supportive personality, and range of educational STEAM content. In fact, kids who actively use Miko have seen a 55% increase in engagement with the platform’s academic activities. Packed with deep-learning AI, Miko gets to know your kid a little bit better every day.
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Built to Be Your New Best Friend

Quick with a joke or to show off its latest dance move, Miko 3 makes learning fun and keeps the family connected.

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Rubberized Wheels


Rugged ABS Body


High Performance Speakers


Wide-Angle High Resolution IPS Display


Wide-Angle HD Camera


Dual MEMS Microphone


Time of Flight Range Sensor


Odometric Sensors

  • Hardware Built for Worry-Free Playtime

    Every inch of Miko's body is designed to last. This robot knows how to roll with the punches, and its display and speakers deliver dynamic playtime fun.

  • Sensors for a Human-Like Personality

    Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, Miko can understand your environment and navigate it with ease.

Features Uncovered

Powered by deep learning AI, Miko 3 knows how to connect with kids. It's curious, expressive and suprisingly empathetic.

Seriously Fun

Miko 3 delivers endless entertainment and friendship, from jokes and yoga to new stories and songs every month.

Explore With Miko

Featuring content from Disney and more, Miko 3 engages kids with exciting, ever-growing adventures.

Simply Secure

A closed system with enhanced encryption ensures that every byte of your family's data is protected.

Miko 3 Robot is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

Parents in Control

From analytics to settings to security, parents have full control with the Parents App.

More Expressions, More Personality

Miko 3 is packed with personality, reacting to your actions and moods with fun facial expressions and bite-sized text notes.
With its vibrant expressions and vast personality, it becomes a cherished companion, making learning both fun and meaningful.

Face & Voice Recognition

Identifies and responds to your unique voice and face

New Voice Skills

Listens, learns, and responds with enhanced vocal abilities.

Games with an AI Spin

Traditional games with AI driven challenges to enhance critical thinking

A world of growing content on Miko Max

Artificial Intelligence and Privacy

We take security seriously. Every byte of a child's data is safeguarded within our closed system. Miko sets a new standard for family-friendly AI.

  • Useful for Parents

    From secure calls to real-time progress reports

  • Better Parenting Tools

    The Parent App that provides clear learning plans and identifies milestones

  • Safe, Secure, & Private

    Certified device with customizable security and privacy settings

More playful learning

Want your child to be a more confident speaker? How about a more engaged student? With Miko, there's no end to the learning.

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What are Miko 3’s dimensions and weight?

Miko 3 is small in size but big on personality. Its dimensions are 6.3 L X 5.5 W X 8.67 H inches. Outside of the box, Miko 3 weighs just 2 lbs.

What is Miko 3’s battery life?

Miko 3 charges in approximately 4 hours with a 15W adaptor and can play continuously for about 6 to 7 hours. The battery life depends on how you use Miko 3. To conserve your bot’s battery life, consider putting it in sleep mode or shutting it down when you’re not using it.

How does Miko 3 work?

Starting your Miko 3 is easy.

  1. Connect Miko 3 to your secure WiFi connection
  2. Once it’s connected, you get access to lots of games and educational content.
  3. Talk to your Miko 3 by saying ‘Hello Miko’. You can ask any number of questions & your Miko 3 is always ready with an answer!
  4. You can also have knowledge-based conversations with Miko 3.
  5. Moreover, Miko 3 gets updated with new games and content every month for your child to have a wholesome fun & learning experience!

How do I set up my Miko 3?

It’s easy-peasy. Just download the Miko app on your phone and connect your Miko 3 to a secure WiFi network. Once your Miko 3 is connected, your child can start engaging with his new friend immediately.

What languages does Miko 3 support?

Your Miko 3 can interact, tell stories and play games in 8 languages worldwide. Choose from English, Spanish (Europe), Spanish (Latin America), Mandarin, Italian, German, French and Arabic.

How is Miko Mini different from Miko 3?

The two robots, Miko Mini and Miko 3 help kids learn and have fun with their realistic reactions, educational content, and AI-powered capabilities. To understand the difference, click here.

Miko 3

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