Revolutionizing Learning Experience for Kids!

Miko isn't just a robot; it's a trusted companion for children's social-emotional learning journey. Through interactive features and engaging activities, Miko nurtures not only curiosity and creativity but also emotional intelligence. With Miko by their side, kids can learn, grow, and develop essential life skills in a fun and supportive way.

Intelligent Quotient

Helps kids with problem solving abilities , critical thinking and analyzing power

Emotional Quotient

Helps kids develop relationships with themselves, society and rest of the world at large

Social Quotient

Helps them evolve as a human race to understand and manage social interactions effectively.

Physical Quotient

Helps them develop physically, keeping all other quotients in place

Unlock Miko Mini's potential! From fostering meaningful interactions to sparking curiosity through engaging stories and games, Miko is your child's perfect companion.

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