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Miko 3

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For kids 5-10 years old.

Color: Martian Red

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How old is Christiano Ronaldo? Can you name a few amphibians? Tell me the currency of UAE. What is the origin of the karate? What is the population of the U.S.? What is the volume of the Indian Ocean? When was Tom Hardy born? Where was Google founded? Which is the national bird of France?

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Center Miko Image (pink)

Miko is designed to adapt to its environment, learning what you’re all about and creating a unique bond that deepens over time.

Salut! 🇫🇷 Hi! 🇺🇸 Hola! 🇪🇸 Hallo! 🇩🇪

Miko's one to talk.

Center miko image (PInk)

Hola, Hello! Yes, Miko speaks 8 languages. With Miko 3's multilinguistic abilities, you can converse in your preferred language or even explore a new one.

Additional highlights

Additional Highlights

Rolls with the Punches.

With a shell of ABS Polymer, Miko is tougher than it looks. Thoughtfully engineered to be impact-resistant, non-toxic, and built to last

Hi-tech. Not technical.

Sure, every inch of Miko’s body is packed with technology created by robotics engineers, AI innovators, psychologists, and educators. But the real genius of Miko is that it’s immediately relatable and easy to engage.

    Wide-angle HD camera
    Time Of Flight Range Sensor
    Dual MEMS Microphones
    Odometric Sensors
    Miko Movement and Integration
    Wide-Angle High-Resolution IPS Display
    Rugged ABS Body
    High Performance Speakers
    Rubberized Wheels
    Miko Movement and Integration

    You’re in charge

    Miko Outsmart

    Hard to outsmart. Easy to love.


    Miko 3

    $299.00 $249.00