How To Use Companion App?

How To Use Companion App?

The companion app is Miko’s curation for kids who need meaningful screen time and for parents who love to encourage STEAM learning, packaged in fun.
Sign up for the Companion App, start by exploring Learning Buddy!

Gems and Rewards!

With each learning adventure that children complete, they win rewards. Get mini-games and activities that can be printed! To be used offline.
You need only 15 gems to get yourself your first reward!
Let’s go!

Browse premium content by sections:

Fun: You can find Disney stories, Ting Ting tales, and many games!
Learn: Math, English, or Spelling - Children can get better at academic as well as practical skills through gamified activities. Learn to be more mindful with Dreamy Kid.

Games: Brain-teasers, mind melters, and giggle-givers. These games keep your child on their toes.

Shows: Family-friendly shows DaVinci Shows and Paramount classics are ready for you.
Favourites: Companion App allows you to customize your own library by adding beloved games, shows, and stories to Favourites!
Something for every mood, Miko’s app is a true companion for all moods and occasions.

Let your child explore wholesome content on Miko’s child-safe app.
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