Miko 3 Parent App Enhancements

Just In: New Parent App Updates

Hey Parents!

You know we’re always hard at work adding new Miko features for your kids, but we’re also constantly thinking of ways to improve your experience. To that end, we’ve added some new features and upgrades to your Parent App that you should be able to see right now — as long as your app is updated. (If not, follow these links to do that now: Update on the  App Store or Update on  Google Play).

Once you get updated, you’ll be able to use our updated progress reports to keep you, well, updated on your kid’s progress. With new breakdowns based on key learning objectives, you’ll be able to see more precisely where your child is excelling and where they could use an extra boost.

To help your family stay in touch, we’ve added some enhancements to Mikonnect. The stability has been improved, and we’ve added a call duration tracker so you’ll be able to keep tabs on how long you’ve been chatting away. “No, you hang up first!”

And for families who speak (or are trying to learn!) languages other than English, the Parent App is now available in multiple languages: Arabic, French, German, Italian, European Spanish and Latin American Spanish. 

To make sure you’re getting the most out of your Miko experience, remember to update your Parent App today!

Update on the  App Store

Update on  Google Play

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