Miko 3 Charging Specification

Miko 3 Charging Specification

The following are generic charger specifications that have been verified.

S.No Charger Rating/Type Typical Voltage Typical Current Typical Charging Time
1 10W Normal 5V  2A More than 6 hours
2 15W Normal 5V 3A ~4 hours **
3 PD Charger*** 5V 3A ~4 hours **


Note 1: It is recommended to use a 5V, 3A USB Type - C charger for optimal performance.

** Robot is staying idle i.e No gameplay, conversations, and movement.

*** Standard smartphone PD (Power Delivery) Charger of rating greater than 18W with 5V 3A

supported output

All battery claims depend on the location, feature configuration, usage, and many other factors;

actual results will vary. Battery life, charging time, and charge cycles may vary over time --

based on usage and settings.

Note 2: It is not recommended to use Apple MacBook, Apple iPad, and Google Pixel chargers.

Note 3: Any charging adapter rated below 15 Watts is not recommended.


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