Try the best of Companion App today!

Try the best of Companion App today!

Companion App is Miko’s specially curated, safe space for kids that is full of games, shows, and stories. These are some of the top things children across the world have liked and continue to enjoy. With a mix of socio-emotional, cognitive, and entertainment content, the Companion app aims to provide a wholesome and enriching experience for children.

Disney Stories: Children love good storytelling. And Disney always delivers. Enjoy a collection of classics and new stories of Coco, Moana, Toy Story, and more.

Disney Shows

Arty Mouse Build Me

Arty Mouse Build Me

Cosmic Kids: Children learn to exercise by turning it into an adventure. Learn new poses each day and cultivate mindfulness

Cosmic Kids

SpellBee: Spellchamps are born here. A simple game with an increasing level of difficulty to keep children engaged and learn new spellings!

Spell Bee

SpongeBob SquarePants: From parents to children, everyone loves these classic tales. Follow SpongeBob and Patrick as they wreak underwater havoc

SpongeBob SquarePants

Lingokids: Where academics meet incredible life skills and language learning. With the most endearing characters, your children are bound to fall in love with learning.




Ninja Turtles: This Paramount favorite is available for children in the form of stories so they can read passively while enjoying wonderful illustrations

Ninja Turtles

Boj Coloring Book: Kids’ favorite virtual coloring book to date! Research shows that engaging in coloring can be destressing and helps children learn about colors.

Boj Coloring Book

Fun begins here!

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