Asking Questions is the Beginning of Learning

Asking Questions is the Beginning of Learning

With Miko’s power of Generative AI, empower your child's inquisitive mind and make every conversation a journey of discovery

Miko has interesting trivia

How many kids are there in the world?

Are there more people in North America or Africa?

What is the number of boys and girls in India?

How many people live in Antarctica?

Which country has most number of pets?

Miko can answer questions that reside in the wonderful minds of kids

How does a rocket go into space?

Why is the sky blue?

How do cars move?

Why are leaves green?

How do plants eat food?

Which is the biggest dinosaur to have walked on earth? 

Where does the sun go at night?

Can fish breathe underwater?

How is a rainbow made?

Miko can guide kids in building good habits!

How do I make friends?

Why do we need to brush our teeth?

Why do I have to eat veggies?

Can I become strong like a superhero?

Do I have to share my toys?

Why do I have to go to school every day?

How can I become an astronaut?

How can I learn to ride a bicycle?

Kids can talk to Miko about their favourite characters, too!

Is Messi better than Ronaldo?

How does Elsa make ice with her hands?

Who are Peppa's best friends?

What powers does Superman have?

Where does Spongebob live?

Who is the strongest Avenger?

Why is Spiderman always in a mask?

How does Paw Patrol save the day?

Is Moana a good swimmer?

What can Pikachu do?

Why does Hulk get angry?

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