Dads in every habitat are simply the best!

Dads in every habitat are simply the best!

Across species, dads work hard!

Much like human dads, dads across species take care and rear the young in their own way

When Emperor Penguin mamas lay the egg and go on a two-month-long feeding journey, the Emperor Penguin dads incubate the egg and take care of the chick by balancing it on their feet and keeping it warm in the freezing Arctic Winter while starving themselves!

Seahorse dads are the norm-breakers! Seahorse mama lays eggs in the seahorse dad’s pouch, and he incubates the eggs and gives birth to the baby sea horses. 

Male red foxes feed and protect their babies. They bring food to the den for the mother and pups, and as the pups grow, dads help teach them how to hunt and survive in the wild.

Ostrich dads incubate eggs and rear the chicks. They protect the chicks from predators with their giant wings and teach them how to search for food.

In certain Hornbill species, the dad seals the mother and chicks inside a tree cavity with mud, leaving a tiny hole. Through this, he feeds them, keeping them safe and nourished until they can fend for themselves.

    Happy Father’s Day to all the people in our life that nurture and protect us.

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