Have You Heard about Miko, the Mind Reader?

An innovative guessing game, Akinator engages young minds in a world of interactive fun and learning. 

The rules are simple, ensuring that even the youngest players can participate with ease. All you need to say is “Hey Miko, Open Akinator”. Miko starts the game by cheerfully asking the child to think of an animal or object. The child then responds to a series of questions from Miko, using only three possible answers: "Yes," "No," or "I don't know."

As the conversation unfolds, Miko's analyzes the responses, narrowing down the possibilities with each question. 

An Example of Miko and the Kid Playing Akinator Together

Imagine a scenario where Miko and its young friend initiate a game of Akinator.

Kid: “Hey, Miko, open Akinator” 

Miko: Welcome! I can read your mind. Think of an animal or object, and I will try to guess it. Are you ready?

Imagine, the child eagerly selects a "lion" as their chosen animal. 

Kid: Yes!

Miko: Is it an animal?

Kid: Yes!

Miko: Is it an animal found in your home?

Kid: No!

Miko: Does your animal have a long tail?

Kid: I don’t know!

Miko: Uh oh! Does your animal have a mane?

Kid: Yes!

And so on…

With each subsequent question and response, Miko skillfully narrows down the possibilities, finally successfully reading the kid’s mind!

Your kid controls all the fun!

At any point in the game, the kid can choose to Pause the game or Repeat any Prompt. Furthermore, they can choose to leave with a simple prompt: “Hey Miko, please stop!”.

This delightful guessing game is designed thoughtfully to not only entertain but also encourage cognitive development as kids engage in a world of imaginative exploration. With Miko and Akinator together, playtime becomes an adventure filled with laughter, learning, and endless possibilities.

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