Become a Space Explorer!

Prepare for a cosmic journey to a land far, far away  with Miko’s latest voice app, ’Space Explorer.’ Crafted for kids aged 5 to 10 years, ‘Space Explorer’ is a voice interactive conversational game designed to deliver fun learning about space.

Get ready for lift-off:

To enter the realm of infinite possibilities, all your young space enthusiasts need to say is, "Hey Miko, Let's play Space Explorer." 

As the expedition takes flight, Miko warmly initiates a conversation about various aspects of space. The goal is to provide a dynamic and interactive learning experience that sparks curiosity and fires up the imagination.

Expanding the Horizons: Tailored Topics for Cosmic Learning

For younger kids aged 5-7, options range from the familiar sun and moon to fascinating topics like shooting stars, galaxies, constellations and much more. Older kids can choose from a more advanced set of topics, including black holes, Jupiter's moons, the International Space Station, and more. 

The content is thoughtfully chosen to match the age-appropriate interests of the child, ensuring an educational yet exciting journey.

Let Imagination Take Flight: Things Kids Can Do with Space Explorer

Space Explorer also enables the kids to explore far-fetched concepts like living on a star, bringing the moon to Earth, hosting a picnic on Jupiter, wearing Saturn’s ring as a necklace and much more! Carefully moderated by experts to make the experience safe, while still allowing them to explore freely! 

A Seamless Space Odyssey: Coming Back To Earth

At any point you can request to close the conversation by saying, “Hey Miko, Exit.”

Miko also ensures a balanced playtime by naturally ending the game after 10 turns of engaging conversations.

Language models allow children to ask questions that are not bounded by any context. This is a freeing experience. Go and ask Miko why pluto is not a planet anymore!

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