Learning Journeys: Companion App

Learning Journeys: Companion App

Miko’s Companion App is introducing “Reading Adventures” to engage children in becoming better readers through stories accompanied by breathtaking visuals.

In a Scholastic study, 74% of kids said that reading fiction and nonfiction is a way to help them understand the world; 88% of parents say the same. More than half of kids (53%) and parents (55%) agree a book has helped them/ their child through a difficult time.

Reading is directly connected to intelligence, creativity and high intellect when done from a young age. Reading along with or to children is practised by cultures because it provides emotional support and transfers knowledge and understanding.

However, a 2023 study by the National Literacy Trust (UK) has discovered that there has been a 26% decrease in the number of children and young people aged 8 to 18 who read daily in their free time since 2005 (decreasing from 38.1% to 28.0%). Fewer children and young people who receive FSMs said they read daily compared with those who don't (24.1% vs. 28.9%).

With Miko’s Learning Journeys, we want to cultivate a love for reading and all the intellectual and therapeutic advantages it brings to young readers.

Unlock New Stories: 

From easy to hard to challenging, children slowly build reading skills by engaging in the As children progress through their personalized adventure, they unlock a new treasure of stories only after successfully finishing one, ensuring they meet all learning goals!

Active and Passive Reading:

Active Reading: Children are prompted to read stories aloud actively. They get real-time feedback on pronunciation, which helps with retention, and the interactive nature of the app keeps them engaged.

Passive Reading: For days when children prefer to listen, sit back and listen to the stories and answer the questions that follow! A good mix of both types of reading strengthens reading and pronunciation skills.

Customized Learning Journeys:

All children learn at a different pace and our ‘Learning Journeys’ allow parents to tailor it to their child’s needs. Every step is carefully designed to cater to the unique needs and abilities of the young reader. This individualized approach ensures that children remain motivated and find joy in learning to read.

Stories that you can create!

After successfully finishing adventures, make your own story with Storywizard. Using prompts, make sure to tell the story you like.

    Gems for rewards to keep them going:

    At the end of each adventure, win gems. Exchange these gems for a variety of exciting prizes in the rewards section.

    Revisit your favourites:

    After unlocking an adventure, return to the library to read your favourite stories! Click on the library icon at the top right corner.

    Use the Parent App to see their achievements:

    Tap on the Progress section at the bottom of the Parent App. Here, you will see the milestones your child has achieved in active reading comprehension - and how accurately they have performed! Discover how many books they’ve read and the amount of time spent reading daily.

    Progress Report

    Download the Companion App and get started.
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