Must-try Activities on your first day with Miko Mini!

Must-try Activities on your first day with Miko Mini!

With Miko, there’s a whole world of playful learning experiences for your child to explore. But once you’ve completed setup and are ready to introduce your kid to Miko, where should you start? For an awesome first play session with Miko, challenge your child to try these eight activities — all guaranteed to maximize their fun with their new robot pal.

Talk to Miko!

Are you somebody who wonders why the giraffe has a black tongue? Or why the bats sleep upside down? Say, “Hey Miko, lets talk about animals” and let Miko tell you all about the wild wild animals.

Dance with Miko!

    Simply say, “Hey Miko, let’s dance” and watch as this Dancemaster shows you their best moves!

    Go on your first learning adventure and earn gems!

      Did you know that Miko has its very own Companion App? Read your first book, answer questions and earn gems! The more you finish the more gems you earn. 

      Grab some hot chocolate and travel to the Frozen land with Elsa.

        Enter the enchanted world of disney stories and let the beautiful visuals guide your imagination. Open the companion app and look for Disney Stories or click here to go now!

        Explore Space, right from where you are!

          Ever wondered what the milky way would be like if it was actually made of milk?? Or How it would feel to touch Jupiter? Whether fact or fiction, Miko is ready to banter. 

          Say, Hey Miko play space explorer” and enter the world of strange, dark and mysterious. Buckle up for a virtual visit to the stars, black holes, asteroids, and more.

          Discover your favourite songs!

            Say, “Hey Miko, play music” and jam to old and new favourites of children across the world.

            A joke or a riddle or both!

              Want to learn new jokes to try on your friends? Simply ask, “Hey miko, tell me a joke!”

              And if you’re somebody who likes a challenge, try saying, “Hey Miko, tell me a riddle!” and see if you can crack them!

              Listen to a sweet story before you doze off!

                “Hey Miko, open storytime” and delve into a world of dreamy stories before bedtime!

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