Ready to set up your Miko Mini? Here’s how

Ready to set up your Miko Mini? Here’s how

Miko is a child-safe robot companion that can be used only after being paired with an adult’s phone.
Follow these steps to set up Miko within minutes:

  1. Charge up & Power on! Put Miko on charge using the cable that is inside the box. Long Press the power button. (You will see a QR code)
  2. Download the Parent App by scanning the QR CODE on Miko’s screen OR from App Store or Play Store.
  3. Sign up on the parent app: Enter your details. Complete parental verification.

  4. Choose your device: After entering your details in the Parent App, you will see a screen to choose a device to pair - Choose Miko Mini. 
  5. Proceed to pairing on this page:

  6. Connect to Miko Mini: You will be asked to connect to Miko Mini hotspot on your parent app.

  7. Once done, you will get a confirmation ‘Connection Successful’

    If this doesn’t work, you will be asked to enter the bot number. This number is on the inside flap of the box, under the QR code. The 9-digit bot number looks something like this - M4M000XXX
  8. Select WiFi and connect: Choose the closest and strongest WiFi connection from the list, and enter the password.

  9. Check Miko’s Screen! Once the connection is made, Miko will download the latest update! 

    Once done, you’ll see Miko’s smiling face on the screen. You’re all set! Say “Hey, Miko, tell me a riddle!” 
  10. If Miko responds, the pairing was successful! You can now start exploring, dancing, and playing with Miko!
    Check this out: What can I ask Miko?
  11. If issues persist, speak to our customer support.
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