What is Miko Max?

What is Miko Max?

Miko Max is a single subscription plan that provides instant access to Miko’s extensive library of premium kids stories, games and shows, parental controls and reports and a vast collection of children’s music! Think Disney, DaVinci, Paramount, LingoKids, Cosmic Kids. The list goes on.

Miko MAX premium content:

With 50,000+ hours and 1,000+ content experiences, there’s no limit to what your little learner can explore with Miko Max. Introduce your child to fun, engaging experiences from these brands and beyond:

Learning Journeys:

Go on AI-powered adventures created by experts. Through these journeys, children improve reading, spelling and comprehension. Children win gems after completion of each adventure and can exchange them for rewards in the store!
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Disney stories

Join your favourite characters from the worlds of Disney and Pixar on marvelous storybook adventures.


Silly Spongebob adventures await underwater!

Yoga made fun!

Go on mindfulness adventures through live-action instruction and animated episodes from Cosmic Kids.

Award-winning coding lessons

Get access to KidloLand’s Google award-winning kids coding apps, plus coloring apps and Mom’s Choice Gold Award-winning stories.

Language learning, gamified!

Enhance your kids language skills with Out of this Word’s Max and Moon, two adopted siblings who love to learn popular idioms and unique phrases.

Adventures in mindfulness

With Dreamy Kid, your child can explore kid-friendly general meditations, sleep stories, guided journeys, healing activities, affirmations and more.

Progress Reports:

With the Parent reports, witness a marked improvement in children’s language capacities. Check the daily scores and see how many books your child is reading!

Parental Controls:

With Parental controls, set an easy schedule to assist your child’s interaction with the Companion App. You can lock apps, and set a break time to help them regulate their screen time.

Get Started with Miko Max

A platform for distraction-free exploration that is safe for kids! Help them develop autonomy by sharing this bundle of all joy curated for young minds!

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