The holiday season is fast approaching, presenting a perfect opportunity to find that special present that will bring sheer delight to your child. What could be more wonderful than a friendly companion who can also aid in their learning and growth? That's exactly what Miko Mini is all about; a friendly pal for your child that's fun to be around and helps them learn. Given the abundance of options available, selecting the right one can appear challenging. However, rest assured, we're here to provide a comparison between Miko Mini and Moxie robot to assist you in determining which one could be the most suitable companion for your child.

The Miko Mini might be small, but it's mighty smart. Miko Mini uses deep learning AI to really get to know your child and make learning personalized and fun. It's a small buddy, an educator, and a companion that facilitates learning while enhancing communication and critical thinking abilities. Additionally, children who engage with Miko Mini have demonstrated significant progress in their educational journey — that's a substantial achievement.

Spending time with Miko Mini offers more than mere play; it's an opportunity for daily exploration without ever feeling monotonous. Miko Mini brims with tales, games, and engaging pursuits that keep your child's mind stimulated and their heart brimming with delight. It's all about providing your child an enjoyable path to discover, learn, and evolve.

When evaluating two robots or robotic systems, such as the Miko Mini and the Moxie robot, there are certain key factors to take into account:


Size & Design

Choosing a robotic buddy for your child means finding the perfect fit for their play space and hands. Miko Mini is just under 7 inches tall, making it a breeze for kids to move and groove with it throughout the house. Its sturdy build and rubberized wheels mean it's ready for action, whether that's dancing or exploring. Plus, its compact size makes it a cinch for small hands to carry from room to room. Moxie, at a rather bulky build, stands at around 16 inches, taking up more space and staying put with just a rotating base. This makes Miko Mini the go-to for active play and portability, ready to roll with your child's adventures anywhere at home.

Ease of set-up

Miko Mini makes starting the fun easy. With a simple guide, adults can help get it going by installing the Miko Parent App and connecting it to the robot. The steps are straightforward, and in less than 30 minutes, your Miko Mini will be ready for its first chat with your child. Meanwhile, Moxie's setup can be a bit of a wait, needing several steps that might even take a whole day. It can be a considerable duration, particularly when an enthusiastic child is eager to engage with their new companion.


Miko Mini sparks a world of curiosity and skill-building in a compact form. Far from just a standard learning app, it provides a rich variety of content that's both entertaining and educational. With Miko Mini, your child gains unlimited access to premium content from renowned brands like Disney, Paramount, Oxford University Press, Lingokids, Cosmic Kids, Da Vinci Kids, ensuring they're constantly engaged with high-quality resources. The robot features an extensive selection of games, educational videos, narratives, challenges, and music, all thoughtfully selected to enrich your child's educational experience. It establishes a dynamic learning setting tailored to your child's evolving interests and is accessible on various tablet devices.

In contrast, Moxie's content is more limited, relying on parent input to determine what the robot speaks. This means that while Moxie may cover topics you know your child is interested in, it lacks the ability to evolve and adapt through real-time engagement. The range of topics and the depth of educational content don't quite match up with the expectations set by its price point. Moxie may have a human-like appearance, but when it comes to delivering educational content and stimulating conversation, it falls short. The interactions don't vary with the child's age, leading to a one-size-fits-all approach that may not cater to your child's growing needs as effectively as Miko Mini's expansive and adaptive content library.

Educational Opportunities

The Miko Mini robot is a dynamic educational hub. It's designed to make learning interactive and fun, covering a wide range of subjects including science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM). More than just play, Miko Mini is equipped to teach essential 21st-century skills like coding, problem-solving, and critical thinking through its diverse activities and games. Its deep learning AI tailors the experience to your child's interests and learning style, making education a wholesome journey.

In contrast, Moxie, while it takes a child's interests into account during setup, may not consistently translate these interests into a comprehensive learning experience. Moxie's focus is on play-based conversational learning, aiming to teach emotional and social skills to children aged 5-10. Nevertheless, it goes on to establish that Miko Mini's methodology for communication and engagement could provide a more comprehensive educational opportunity, particularly in the domains of STEAM and cognitive skill enhancement.

Social and Emotional Development

Miko Mini takes a unique approach to interactive companionship, emphasizing emotional intelligence alongside educational content. It's engineered to be more than just engaging—it's a comforting ally that recognizes and adapts to your child's emotional needs. This is especially impactful for children who require patience in their learning journey.

Moxie may offer playful interaction, but Miko Mini is dedicated to nurturing a child's confidence and social skills with every conversation and game, making it a standout choice for holistic development.

Purpose and Functionality

Miko Mini stands out in the realm of interactive AI companions for children, offering a compact yet powerful conversational experience. With the integration of GPT-powered technology, Miko Mini engages young minds in endless discussions across a wide range of topics. Parents can find assurance in the fact that each interaction is thoughtfully designed to be secure, educational, and aligned with their preferences, prioritizing education as the cornerstone of the Miko Mini experience.

Moxie, while a newcomer to the AI companion space, introduces its KidFilter™ AI technology, which incorporates elements of GPT technology to facilitate child-friendly interactions, yet lacks the seamlessness of an engaging session. The platform allows parents to steer conversations by selecting topics that resonate with their child's interests. However, Moxie's conversational capabilities sometimes circle back to pre-programmed topics, indicating a more restricted range of dialogue compared to Miko Mini's more fluid conversation flow.

In contrast to Moxie's limitations, Miko Mini excels in delivering a seamless conversational journey, adeptly navigating a vast library of topics without repetitive loops. This ensures that each interaction feels fresh, engaging, and tailored to the child's curiosity and developmental needs.

Multiple-users Compatibility

Just like Miko 3, the newly launched Miko Mini is a marvel of technology, perfectly suited for families with multiple children. With its advanced AI, Miko Mini is adept at recognizing and adapting to the unique voices and speech patterns of each child, ensuring a personalized interaction for everyone. This smart little companion is always ready to engage with its realistic reactions and tailored conversations, making every child feel special and understood.

On the other hand, Moxie is designed with a focus on one-on-one interaction. While it frequently stumbles even with a single child, it tends to get confused in the bustling environment of a multi-child household. When multiple voices vie for Moxie's attention, it can lose track of the conversation, often defaulting to pre-programmed questions that can disrupt the natural flow of interaction and potentially lead to a child's disappointment.


Miko Mini connects to the Miko Companion app, which itself is a powerhouse of knowledge, offering exceptional education and engaging experiences that supercede any other robotic companion’s interactions. Miko Mini does not feature a touch screen. Instead, it utilizes its screen to express a range of emotions and interactions. To access its full suite of content, which includes educational videos, stories, games, puzzles, and introductory coding lessons, Miko Companion app seamlessly connects with any tablet. This allows children to enjoy a visual complement to the activities during conversations, enhancing the learning experience.

Moxie uses only the facial expressions on its screen with little graphics to accompany conversations, which do not aid with learning directly. It cannot be connected to outside devices like tablets or smart phones.

AI abilities

Miko Mini stands out as a dynamic AI companion for children, offering personalized emotional-learning activities and engaging games like freeze dance and charades with an intelligent twist. Leveraging GPT technology, Miko Mini engages in meaningful and evolving conversations, ensuring it's not just a source of knowledge but also a friendly presence. The Story Wizard app for an example creates stories on each child and weaves the child’s favorite scenarios into it.

In contrast, Moxie's interactions tend to be structured but less adaptive, which may lead to a decrease in engagement over time.

Software and security

Miko Mini uses a closed-system security with end-to-end data encryption. What does this mean in simple terms? It means that your child’s data is 100% safe. Miko comes with profanity-filters and never prompts a child to do anything unsafe.

However, the specifics of Moxie's safety features may evolve over time as the product is updated and improved.

Parent App

Both Miko Mini and Moxie require a parent app to pair with the robot, yet the functionalities of these apps differ significantly.

The Miko Mini's parent app allows parents to gain insights into their child's learning progress, monitor time spent on each topic, and set usage limits for the robot. Additionally, it offers customization options such as setting time zones, scheduling sleep times for Miko Mini, and accessing educational blogs. In addition, the Miko Parent App also enables unlimited Mikonnect calls to keep parents and kids seamlessly connected.

In contrast, the Moxie app allows parents to enter their child's areas of interest, communication preferences, and preferred activities. Nevertheless, it does not include tools for monitoring the child's developmental milestones, does not offer insights into their conversations, and lacks metrics for evaluating educational progress.

With Miko Mini, parents have a broader selection of academic and recreational interests to choose from, including STEAM, games, reading, and trivia. Furthermore, the Miko Parent app includes the functionality for one-way video calling.


Both robots are equipped with cameras. Miko Mini utilizes its camera to enable parents to see their child during one-way Mikonnect video calls. Additionally, Miko Mini features a camera shutter to enhance privacy. In contrast, Moxie's camera is used solely to recognize a person's movements and to facilitate certain responses. Beyond this, the camera on Moxie does not serve any significant purpose nor does it contribute to capturing one's interest.


Price can be a significant factor in deciding which robot to choose. While the Moxie Robot will cost you $799, plus an additional fee for yearly subscription, the Miko Mini comes at a pocket-friendly price of $100, plus an annual subscription to access a wide range of content. For its price the Miko Mini offers an entire array of content and features which is beyond any other robot in the market. Head over to the website for attractive, limited-time offers on the Miko Max subscription.

Updates and Support

When selecting a robot for children, it's crucial to ensure that it benefits from regular software updates and is backed by dependable customer service. These factors help preserve the long-term value of your purchase. Miko Mini excels in this regard, offering a straightforward 30-day refund policy and accessible customer support via email, website, phone, and even social media, where they are notably responsive. In contrast, reaching Moxie's support team can be time-consuming, with queries typically addressed a day after submission.

Moreover, Miko Mini enhances user experience through automatic updates that seamlessly introduce new features, content, titles, and games, ensuring continuous improvement without disrupting the enjoyment.

The verdict

If you're in the market for something that'll keep your child engaged for a short while, Moxie might seem like a stylish choice at $799, with its limited range of conversation topics. However, if you are searching for a more intelligent and lasting investment, Miko Mini is the preferred choice. Miko Mini not only turns learning into a delightful adventure for young learners but also assures parents that their children are engaging with age-appropriate content.

So, when you're on the hunt for that perfect present for your child's birthday, a special achievement, or even a futuristic twist to Santa's gift list, consider the Miko Mini. It's the thoughtful, engaging, and educational choice that's sure to delight your family.

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